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DIY Introduction To Woodworking Tools: Machinery And Painting Articles
Mar 05, 2018

In recent years, the ethos of woodworking has gradually prevailed. Doing a DIY Furniture or Woodwork Doing It Yourself creates a unique warm atmosphere for your home, and the simple pleasures make more and more people fall in love with the feeling of a hand.

However, work should be good, must first sharpen, in view of the recent more and more carpentry enthusiasts asked about the novice carpentry tools, so Xiao Bian specifically finishing novice woodworking DIY essential tools for beginners to understand the carpentry What tools?

In front of everyone has introduced the manual tools, power tools and pneumatic tools, and today we introduce the common woodworking machinery used in small woodworking and finishing tools.

Carpentry tools: small woodworking machinery

Professional woodworking machinery is often due to the quality and size, the general hardwood workshop is difficult to let go. However, in recent years, with the continuous improvement of the mechanical manufacturing process, the development of a number of sophisticated small-scale machinery and equipment has been widely used by amateur or professional carpentry enthusiasts. They are smaller and provide the same or better working capacity than larger woodworking machines.

Band saw:

Band saw is one of the sawing tools for cutting straight lines or arcs. It is commonly used in log cutting, square board sawing, sawing of thin board or small square board, and also for cutting the flash board into a full edge board or side board Material and so on.

Common sawing equipment and wire sawing machine, circular sawing machine, sawing machine, panel saws, rocker arm saws and so on.

Push table saw:

Taiwan push table saw has a movable table, you can precision sawing wood, next to the saw blade for cutting and roughing, the middle position of the trigeminal knife used for finishing, woodworking sawing equipment commonly used.

At present, the main structure of the push table saw is composed of a sliding table, a work surface, a cross-foot scale, a slider base, a main saw, a slot saw and the like.

bench drill:

Bench drill is a small drilling equipment, with horsepower, high rigidity, high precision, good rigidity, easy operation, easy to maintain features.

In particular, the use of bench drill safety problems, with good protective glasses and the provisions of protective equipment, yarn-dyed gloves are prohibited.

Router milling machine:

Woodworking router is divided into Hang Lou, under the Lou milling two, the main function is to open Tenon, Loudi, trimming.

Router milling machine to use more flexible, according to the shape we need to create a suitable mold, the installation of the appropriate type of knife can be processed according to different needs.

Planer and planer:

Both planers and planers are woodworking machines that process the plane or forming surface of the wood with a rotating or stationary planer. Press planing is mainly planing thickness, planing is used to planing light.

In accordance with the different process uses, wood planer can also be divided into single-sided pressure planer, double planer, three planer, planer and planer and so on.

Woodworking lathe:

Woodworking lathe common in car spin process, is one of woodworking lovers favorite mechanical tools. Suitable for processing large diameter, short length of the workpiece, to complete the outer circle, the hole, face, cone, grooving, cutting and other rough, fine turning.

Woodworking lathe performance is excellent, but pay attention to the transmission system maintenance and repair.

Sanding machine:

Sander is a grinding machine, through emery cloth, grinding wheel, sandpaper, scouring cloth and other physical removal of the way, the workpiece surface is more smooth and uniform, uniform thickness.

Sanding in accordance with different ways, but also can be divided into disc sanding and belt sanding.

Carpentry tools: painting tools

Painting is about the finished product's paint color, so it's also an important part of woodworking DIY. Common woodworking coating tools are:

Polished material: iron sand, wood sandpaper, terrazzo. Used to polish the object surface or rough surface treatment.

Scrapers: horn scraper, steel scraper, wooden scraper. Used to scrape dust and dirt dust, eradication of wood thorn, engraved V groove, coated with putty and so on.

Brush: the size of paint brush, row of pens, shading pen, oil roller brush, oxtail paint brush. Brush a variety of paint and a variety of different objects, using different types and sizes of brush.

Paint: Includes paint and paint solvents. According to the wood to choose the right paint, the general use of natural paint, safe and non-toxic. When brushing remember to brush down along the wood, paint to eat into the pores, and then to waste wood paint will be introduced along the original wood texture.

Cleaning tools: common buckets, rags, silk back, brown brush and so on.

Woodworking basic introductory tools introduced here will come to an end. Understand the use of tools is just the foundation, the so-called cooked practice, in order to really grasp the use of tools that we need to practice diligently.