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Woodworking Machinery Industry Development Status Quo
Mar 06, 2018

In recent years, the woodworking machinery industry has achieved a breakthrough in both technological innovation and market size.

Woodworking Machinery Industry Development Status Quo

On the one hand, with the rapid growth of urban rural population in China, the growth in housing demand has greatly promoted the prosperity of the woodworking furniture market, while the prosperity of the furniture market has in turn driven the prosperity of the woodworking machinery market; on the other hand, the woodworking machinery industry It is also pursuing progress itself. Industry 4.0 and "Made in China 2025" have made further demands on the woodworking machinery industry.

Although the current development prospects of the woodworking machinery industry are bright, there are still many problems.

1, product homogeneity is serious, forming a vicious price competition

The products are homogenized and homogenized, and companies operate independently, lacking communication and exchange. The repeated development of products has become the root cause of price competition. Vicious low-cost competition not only damages the vested interests of the manufacturers, but also buries the real good products, and attacks the enthusiasm of independent research and development.

2, low product quality, shallow quality awareness is a prominent issue in the industry

The domestic woodworking machinery started from the low-end route. The low profits brought by low-price competition will inevitably adversely affect the quality and lead to a collective decline in product safety, reliability, accuracy, and service life. At the same time, low-quality products can easily cause environmental and health problems and are not conducive to sustainable development.

Woodworking Machinery Industry Development Status Quo

3, after-sales service is not in place, a large amount of customer loss

For the woodworking machinery industry, good after-sales service can maintain the market. After-sales service pays attention to timeliness. Once the machine fails to produce, the seller must solve the problem within a short period of time, so that the machine can operate normally as soon as possible, otherwise the delay will bring considerable losses to the customer. However, due to a variety of reasons, such as lack of funds and resources, SMEs are not well-developed after-sales maintenance service network, resulting in a high level of customer loss. This is not uncommon in China.

4, lack of brand awareness

The lack of brand marketing awareness is mainly reflected in two points: First, many companies only pay attention to the types and quantities of products they develop, but they do not have their own brand-name products. Although new products continue to emerge, the quality is not evenly competitive; the second is the Internet + economic The rise of the traditional offline marketing has formed an impact, and companies are propaganda according to the old model, the effect has been greatly reduced.

Woodworking Machinery Industry Development Status Quo

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In the increasingly fierce competition in the woodworking machinery industry today, market segmentation and professional division of labor and collaboration are the only way to reduce costs, reduce vicious competition, and make products that specialize in making brands. If you have a good product, but no suitable sales, then come to Moso Mall!