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Pain Point Achievement Business Opportunity, Woodworking Machinery, Furniture Manufacturer See Come.
Apr 14, 2018

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In recent years, China has gradually evolved into the global production of woodworking machinery manufacturing base, with the constant improvement of the domestic woodworking machinery manufacturing technology level, domestic woodworking machinery reached high precision and recognition by the market step by step.


With the further development of the industry, the domestic woodworking machinery industry will grow and grow faster through the continuous integration of industry advantage resources.

The advent of Internet + era brings new opportunities for the development of woodworking machinery.

How to connect with the Internet becomes the key issue in the woodworking machinery industry.

However, woodworking machinery industry belongs to the field of very traditional, high technical barriers, customer group, less amount of single equipment, low degree of standardization, business bidding procurement procedures relatively closed, relationship marketing, price information opaque industry status quo are deeply restricts the woodworking machinery to the electricity business development and transformation.


And the building of the Maori mall is to solve the pain points in these industries.

In accordance with the platform thinking, wood mall woodworking industry set up a set of resources trading platform (including woodworking tools, woodworking machinery, wood furniture, hardware supplies, wooden crafts, such as the category item), fusion equipment needs, after-sales service, spare parts supply, technical support and value-added services market after the whole value chain of supply and demand of resources, from pure sell equipment, evolved to sell equipment, services and experiences of new sales model.


With the industrialization and informatization, the combination of wood, mall is committed to become a world-class Internet circulation, service and consultation platform, so as to better promote the transform and upgrade the manufacturing industry, woodworking industry with international Internet mutual harmony, creating significant social value of Internet + era.

Of course, as the main body of the platform operation, it is the primary purpose of the company to reduce costs and improve efficiency through the integration of resources optimization channel structure in the supply chain.

Second, the platform is not to replace symbiosis, evolution under the platform do not advocate vicious competition, take the way of collaborative construction of the new ecological supply chain, to achieve mutually beneficial symbiosis, promote sustainable development.

Finally, the customer experience is the top priority, and the platform strives to improve the professional service level of the channel through sharing resources, so as to realize the optimized allocation and value regeneration of channel resources.