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Peg Woodworking: The One-women Operation
Jun 12, 2018

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It's rare to find a one-man operation, or in this case, one woman. But designer and maker Kate Casey makes it look easy in her Brooklyn-based studio, Peg Woodworking.

Born and raised in Berkshires, Mass., Casey moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2009 after completing her undergraduate education at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (BFA) and the Yale Norfolk School of Art. She worked as a fabricator for sculptor Matthew Day Jackson where she underwent the Center for Furniture Craftsmanships intensive program to hone in more specifically on woodworking and design. 

Since starting Peg Woodworking in 2014, Casey has kept it as a one-woman-run operation. All collections are customizable in shape, size and color and are available to the trade as well as consumers. Each design is approached with the utmost attention to form and function. Paying tribute to the clean lines and intricate weaving found in Shaker and Scandinavian design, Peg Woodworking provides a contemporary take on the traditional. 

While gathering pattern inspiration from Peruvian and American Indian weaving, each piece is hand woven in-house with a unique array of patterns and colors. Through combining the intricate aesthetics of the hand weaving with the angular geometry and clean lines of the woodworking each piece finds a harmonious balance of bold and delicate details.