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Portable Woodworking Edge Sealing Machine, Make Curve Sealing Side Easy.
Mar 23, 2018

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The decoration industry demands high, not only to meet the needs of customers to the store, but also to deal with the ability of home decoration.However, it is often difficult to meet the requirements of home furnishing in large sealing machine.Portable sealing side machine, when sealing side, is affiliated on board equipment, use is flexible, the weight of the machine by plank, workers do not need to spend a lot of energy, greatly reduce the labor intensity of the workers.

There is a yuan yu machinery equipment co., LTD. Has a good reputation of consumers, and the manufacturer of the portable woodworking sealing machine has also been praised by consumers.For the question of "how to get the customer to buy a satisfactory portable edge sealing machine", the editor decided to call the director of the factory.In phone manufacturers head first and small make up the system on the relevant knowledge about portable sealing side machine, and the appointed time, with small make up for factory visit, close to understand portable sealing side machine.


Small make up in accordance with the contract time yuan yu mechanical equipment manufacturers, staff on time, also took us to visit the production workshop, small make up also seen with powerful yuan yu portable sealing side machine."In fact consumers chose our yuan yu portable sealing side machine, is mainly the performance of the machine meet the demand of domestic outfit industry use," chief manager wang explained, yuan yu portable sealing side machine compared with similar products, are the obvious advantages: first is two-sided glue firmer, using double-sided glue system, increase the glue tank, increase the heating tube, strengthen reflux and glue system, makes the sealing side more strong.2 it is temperature control is convenient, the equipment for about 5 minutes to use temperature sealing side, is equipped with ventilation holes at the same time, when finish the work, can rapid drop in temperature, the sol solidified, it is more convenient to use.The third is that the inner arc, s-arc and wave arc of the smaller radius can not be sealed with normal sealing speed, so the speed is adjusted slowly, and the curve sealing edge can be achieved.Fourth, the machine adopts plastic handle, feel comfortable and antiskid not easy fatigue, due to its high flexibility, so for large board sealing side is more practical, do not need to many people operation, operation is convenient and quick.Five is the glue tank, center plate, the affiliated structure, gluing system, such as system adopt aluminum alloy material, the guarantee of the machine is firm and reliable at the same time also can maximize both it light and portable.Six is the machine is equipped with a small work table, when sealing small plates, can put the board on the workbench, push the plate to seal the edge.The workbench has the characteristic of wear-resisting, not deformed, not easy to deform, meet the requirement of the home outfit, it is the good helper of the worker in the home decoration industry.

It is worth mentioning, yuan yu portable sealing side machine sealing side can also perfect solution for curve, one machine in hand, domestic outfit is easy, for a stick to drive the development of the company quality, believe that technical personnel also will be more and more attentively, research and development of the sealing side machine performance will be stronger and stronger.