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Precautions For Use Of Industrial Dust Collector
Oct 19, 2017

Check the use of industrial dust collector: open the cylinder cover to check whether the dust bag is tight, the mouth is fastened, and cover the tube cover. Check the power supply voltage, if necessary, pay attention to the motor is reversing. Part of the industrial vacuum cleaner with belt drive needs to replace the new conveyor belt, the vacuum cleaner back door open, to replace. If the belt is loose, open the side door and adjust the control nut to the proper position.

Industrial dust collector in the use of the process should pay attention to the matter: ordinary type (non-explosion class) machine is strictly prohibited in the use of flammable and explosive places; non-special materials dust bag can not smoke burning fire and ultra-high temperature waste; , When the filter is damaged, it should be replaced in time, can not continue to use; vacuum hose can not be flattened, stampede, wear and tear ; After the box at the shell of the higher temperature, especially in continuous work for a long time, pay attention to burns; dust bucket accumulation of excessive debris should be promptly cleaned up, and regularly clean the bag and filter to ensure smooth; vacuum overload, Control box thermal relay will automatically cut off the power, then you must unplug the power plug to identify the cause, to be thermal relay reset, the line use; work is completed, you should cut off the power, placed in a cool dry place. This can effectively extend the life of industrial dust collector.

Dust removal parts can maintain long-term efficient and stable operation, the daily maintenance, maintenance is essential.

1, dust removal parts in normal work, the ash can not stop working, otherwise, the ash bucket will soon be filled with dust so that overflow into the bag room, forcing the dust to stop working.

2, electromagnetic pulse valve failure, should be promptly excluded, such as internal impurities, moisture, should be cleaned, such as diaphragm damage should be replaced.

3, managers should be familiar with the principle of dust accessories, performance, use conditions, and master the adjustment and maintenance methods.

4, boot, you should first connect the compressed air to the tank, connected to control the power, start the ash discharge device, if the system there are other equipment, you should start the downstream equipment.