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Precision Of Woodworking Machinery
Jan 16, 2019

Nowadays, the precision requirements in the woodworking industry are very high. The core numerical control device and the feeding system of the woodworking CNC lathe improve the positional tolerance of the machine tool processing. Then let's take a look at the relevant knowledge and learn how to use the knowledge of woodworking CNC lathes better, because you think about what digital control is improving, whether it is the accuracy of the tool or the workbench in the feed. The positional tolerance of the positional position is also improved.

The shape tolerance is the same. The so-called shape tolerance is the flatness of his plane. The circle made by the circle is not round. At that time, it is guaranteed by the position of the workbench. It is impossible, he relies on the bottom. It's your face that is smooth, you don't want to be superficial, how can the plane be flat?

Some people may have to question, saying that the spindle parts and spindle support of woodworking CNC lathes have high rotation precision and good rigidity. The feed drive adopts ball screw, and the direction clearance is eliminated by adding pre-tightening force, so the mechanical part has high precision.

That can tell you that the improvement of the precision of the mechanical part has nothing to do with the electrical appliance. In other words, any machine tool can improve the accuracy. In fact, these have little effect on the smoothness and shape tolerance of the machine tool. Because the key is metal cutting, the last part of the cutting is the tool. The high precision of the grinding machine lies in the essential difference between the grinding wheel and the tool.