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Jun 19, 2018

The Latest News:

Network - ganzhou in jiangxi province the correspondent reported by liu from China, June 7, ganzhou in jiangxi province ganzhou city institute economic development zone C area sharp hao machinery equipment co., LTD., the workers are loading the batch production of furniture machinery sold to jiangsu lianyungang - single longitudinal sawing machine.

It is understood that by the middle of June this year, the company has produced 600 sets of various woodworking machinery equipment, such as precision blanking machines and automatic tooth comb machines, and is expected to produce more than 1,200 sets within the year.

Products are being sold not only to domestic markets, but also to the United States, Canada, Russia, Argentina and other countries.

It has opened a new chapter in the international market for the woodworking machinery produced by xingguo across the sea.

In early 1999, zhou junxin, in his early 20s, came to shunde lunjiao, a town in guangdong province known as China's main town for woodworking machinery.

Its beginning as a apprentice in a woodworking machinery factory, in order to learn a skill, he lived in the workshop, and such is even the hot summer, although only a small salary, he still insisted that a word is to go toward the dream.

Sure enough, six years later, he started his own woodworking machinery business in shunde, and the drier the better.

After 10 years of struggle, although has been on the market, shunde but considering both parents and children in institute home, big tree falling leaves, even start germination will move back to hometown in shunde, guangdong enterprises and rejuvenating the country, the idea must be immediately returned to jiangxi, see the ganzhou city bamboo-shack and other places have a large number of furniture production enterprises, demand of woodworking machinery, from then on, not only see the hope, but also established the confidence.

In xingguo county county, under the concern and support, through the enterprise up and down the overtime, grasp the time limit for a project driven process, finally took more than two months, in May 2017, a ganzhou sharp hao machinery equipment co., LTD., is officially licensed in institute economic development zone C area and put into production, guo shenzhen speed really is.