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Safety Technical Measures For Woodworking Machinery.
Apr 10, 2018

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 (1)Circular Sawing Machines

1. Safety cover, baffle plate and dripping device must be installed above the saw blade.

In the back of the saw blade, 10 to 15mm away from the teeth, the arc wedge must be installed.

The installation of the saw blade should be kept in concentric with the shaft.

2. The saw blade must be flat, and the serrated should be sharp, and the two teeth should not be continuously missing. The crack length should not exceed 20mm, and the end of the crack should be cracked.

3. After the circular saw is started, the sawing material should be done after the rotation speed is normal.

When feeding, do not shake or raise the wood, the wood section should be slowly feeding.

The sawing length shall be no less than 50mm.

When approaching end, apply putter feed.

4. The sawing line should be corrected gradually, so as to avoid damaging the saw blade.

5. The saw blade has long operation time, and when the temperature is too high, water cooling should be applied in the operation of the saw blade with a diameter of over 600mm.

(2) plane planer

1. It is necessary to set up a complete protection device to prevent the fingers from cutting.

2. When planing, the hand should be pressed on top of the material, and the finger must be above 50mm.

It is strictly forbidden to planed with hand on the back end of wood.

3. When the thickness of the planed timber is less than 30mm and the length is less than 400mm, it must be pushed with a pressure plate or wooden stick.

4. If there is any defect such as broken or hard knot, it must be processed and planed.

Before planing, nails and sundries must be removed from the material.

In the case of the wood, the scar should be delivered slowly.

It is strictly forbidden to place hands on the knot.

5, the thickness and the weight of the blade and blade screw must agree, tool post splint against must be cleaned and alloy blade weld shall not exceed the height of head, strong blade screw should be embedded in the blade groove, groove side away from the knife back shall not be less than 10 mm.

Fasten the screw plate screw with the blade, the force should be uniform, not too loose or too tight.

6. When the machine is in operation, it shall not be repaired, nor shall it be moved or dismantled.

Gloves are strictly prohibited.