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Selection Of Oil Supply Method And Speed Control Method For Multi Drilling Machine
Oct 30, 2017

Taking into account the Multi Drilling Machine in the work load when the load is relatively large, low speed. And in the fast forward, rewind when the load is smaller, higher speed. From saving energy to reduce heat, pump source system should use dual pump or variable pump oil. Is the choice of pressure with the pressure limit variable pump.

Speed selection method, in the small and medium-sized special machine tool hydraulic system, the feed speed control is usually selected to save the valve or speed control valve. According to the milling machine for the low-speed performance and speed characteristics of the load will have a specific request characteristics, decided to use limited pressure variable pump and speed control valve composed of solvent to save speed. This speed loop has the characteristics of high efficiency and low rigidity and good rigidity, and the speed control valve is installed on the oil return road, and has the effect of accepting the cutting force.

The emergence of Multi Drilling Machine reduces the labor intensity, making the workers do not need to manually manually drill the spindle drill bit repeatedly. Regular cleaning of the Multi Drilling Machine can extend the life of the drilling machine components and parts of the wear cycle, but also to prevent a variety of failures, improve the average trouble-free drilling time and service life of the protection. Here we will specifically look at the way to clean up the Multi Drilling Machine:

1, every day to wipe the drill floor, bed, rails, screw and operating handle to ensure that porous drilling bed and the surrounding clean, no oil;

2, remove the porous drill guide surface glitch and screw rods slag impurities;

3, demolition cleaning oil felt;

4, regular inspection and removal of the various parts of the rust pipe to protect the spray surface.

The cleaning method for the Multi Drilling Machine is introduced here, and it is helpful to use the Multi Drilling Machine.