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Shanghai Furniture Fair And Chinese Woodworking Machinery Industry Peak BBS.
Apr 02, 2018

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Time: 13:00-15:30 on September 12.

Venue: conference room no. 1, basement 1, Shanghai expo exhibition hall (zone B)


FMC wood processing machinery in China forestry machinery association professional committee of organization of the industry leading experts, put forward new requirements for industry development and the market, the focus of the new luminescent spot and the existing problems in workshops, through the industry elite keynote and thematic speech, share successful experience, to teach new knowledge, to explore the development way, to make this exhibition world woodworking machinery industry the launch of new products, new technology, new technology platform, thus is advantageous to the enterprise and between enterprises, between enterprises and colleges and universities, scientific research units, and international exchanges and cooperation;

Conducive to the communication between production enterprises and use units;

It is beneficial to promote the development of the industry, so that more manufacturers of woodworking machinery, furniture and wood products can find the direction, constantly improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the transformation and upgrading, and lead the common development of the industry.

The highlights are:

• application and development of numerical control technology in customized furniture production line (hua jun, northeast forestry university, doctoral supervisor)

• general trend of the development of contemporary international woodworking machinery industry and the characteristics of our country (ma yan, northeast forestry university, professor, doctoral supervisor)

• development characteristics of Chinese woodworking tool industry (jina, northeast forestry university, associate professor, doctor, master tutor)

· interpretation of national forestry machinery development plan 2011-2020 (emphasis is on the interpretation of woodworking machinery)(yu guosheng, professor of mechanical design and theoretical discipline of Beijing forestry university, doctoral supervisor)

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