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Specification For The Use Of Woodworking Band Sawing Sports Cars.
May 07, 2018

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Band sawing machine, woodworking band saw machine is a new type of woodworking machinery, it developed on the basis of the old band saw improvement, and adopt the new fine structure, and its operation more convenient, more stable movement.

Its compact structure, beautiful shape, flexible adjustment, and PCH series of castings are the ideal products for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users.

Compared with traditional sawing machine and circular sawing machine, intelligent horizontal band sawing machine has the following advantages:

1. Automation;

The entire sawing process is automated and easy to operate.

Operator without wood sawing experience, as long as through a simple training, become skilled workers, without the cost of expensive to hire professional wood sawing teacher, completely solve the problem of recruitment difficult.

2. High precision;

The wood sawing process is completely controlled by computer integrated control system of cutting thickness, higher precision, with different hardness and density of the timber, according to the working situation, choose * suitable feed speed, automatic feed for * sawing effect, guarantee the cutting surface smooth level off.

3. Higher material ratio;

The sawing loss is only 1.2~2.0mm, which can save about 20% of the material, greatly reduce the cost and improve the material rate.

4. Simple installation;

The whole machine is one body. The installation, debugging and shifting machines are very simple and convenient. No cement foundation is required, and a lot of time and expense are saved.

5. Safety and environmental protection;

The wood sawing process automatic, safe, reliable, and completely avoid the traditional master of wood sawing wood sawing equipment damage may, one pace reachs the designated position for cooling and lubrication, dust removal machine, full compliance with European safety environmental standards.

6. Saw blade maintenance is simple;

Saw blade is used in American original saw blade, do not need professional saw master, do not need roller pressure, can realize use of disposable saw blade.

Body composition of saw bed:

Band sawing machine lathe bed for cast iron parts, on the base, the column is composed of a cylinder size, great circle pillar as a saw frame moving guide rail, saw is used to support beam lifting up and down movement, and ensure the accurate orientation, small cylindrical auxiliary role, thus ensuring the normal cutting of saw blade.

Intermediate for stuffing conveying mechanism of manual and vice, vice connection have to undertake parts products in front of the workbench, the left side of the clamping device for clamping screw through the hydraulic clamping cylinder rod of inner hole, turn the handwheel or press of a button, around the left jaw movement.

Saw beam and drive mechanism:

By thick steel plate cutting forming welding and become, strong rigidity, its back right fixed worm gear box, box of worm gear and the driving wheel above saw beam fixed edge, both synchronous rotation, passive wheel and left for the saw blade tensioning position.

Saw blade rotary movement by the main motor, pulley, pay by two levels of variable speed drives for worm gear transmission to the driving wheel, and passive wheel driven by a driving wheel, saw blade, saw blade speed three gears.

Ren county pine feng machinery factory is a professional manufacturer of supply band sawing machine. The main production of woodworking band saw with MJ series: 318 type, 328 type, 319 type, 329 type, 3210 type, 3212 type, 3215 type castings such as saws and saw the weldment.