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Strapping Machine
Oct 17, 2016

Strapping machine carton strapping and cardboard balers, completed for the production of cardboard products in transport into the carton before users for easy storage or for transport ten or 20 stacked packaging equipment.

Strapping machines commonly known as Packer, is to use straps wrapped product or package, then tighten both ends and through the heat melting or using materials such as buckle connection machine. Function of the strapping machine is made of plastic can be bundled packages close to the surface, guarantee packages in transportation and storage is not scattered by the strapping is not strong, and should also be bundled neat appearance.

Although the modern industry is developed, but there are still quite a lot of packaging and printing plant with hand-tied all cardboard boxes or books, lack of knowledge of automatic bundling machine, so as a professional manufacturer of automatic strapping machine of products it is necessary to do a more detailed introduction to everyone, for your reference.