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Strapping Machine Basic Profile
Oct 17, 2016

Strapping strapping parts for strapping is complete banding machine for the job. Rack, body structure, camshaft, electric head swing, electric head banding machine banding device by removing the flexible probe, remove screws from the fleeing from the wheel frame.

Adjust the length adjustment screw controls the sword, knife length is adjustable and automatic regulation of performance. The utility has a small size, reasonable design, compact structure, reliable performance, securely, high efficiency, easy maintenance and so on. Special envelopes, books, money, goods and other externally. Strapping to prevent the scattered and lost, easy transportation and storage. Strapping a very wide range of applications, in almost all product packaging.

Carton strapping and cardboard balers, completed for the production of cardboard products in transport into the carton before users for easy storage or for transport ten or 20 stacked packaging equipment.