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Strapping Machinery Operation
Oct 17, 2016

A. power: plug plugged power supply, press the switch, led light.

B. preheating tangtou: turn the temperature to the desired temperature and preheating 1 minutes, shorten the preheat time, rapid heating button is pressed for approximately 5 seconds.

C. Select Send timing (conveyer belt length) time 0-6 seconds adjusting range, depending on package size, adjust length of transfer required.

D. starting motor: close switches, motor starting, if not bundled within 30 seconds, the motor stops automatically, press send or back button, turn again.

E. package position: put the package on the machine table, grabs the lead in round packages, into "tape entrance".

F. tied: leading into "tape entrance" after touching micro switch, the machine will automatically hold lead in, complete with back, tensioning, cutting, hot zone, recovery actions. And then automatically send out a length of tape, this time, will complete a binding process.

G. send and reset: If sending tape enough to press the Send button.

H. back and reset: press the back button, belt introduced the machine, the machine automatically reset.

I. Shutdown: after each use, turn off the power switch or the motor switch.