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Taiwan International Woodworking Machinery Exhibition Closed To Estimate More Than 3 Billion Yuan Business Opportunities.
Apr 08, 2018

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Foreign trade association and the Taiwan woodworking machinery industry association, the triennial 2018 Taiwan international woodworking machinery exhibition yesterday (5), closing, climbed to 1076, used booth number of record in the history, the exhibitors to machinery for the main shaft with wisdom, exhibited high efficiency, high precision CNC processing machinery, woodworking machinery, such as high-speed automation and intelligence to attract more than 6000 buyers both at home and abroad to visit.

The woodworking machinery association estimates that the manufacturer can create 30 or 4 billion yuan orders.

In the past few years, the export value of woodworking machinery in Taiwan has fallen, rising to $596 million in 2017, 14.4 percent annually, and ranking among the top 4 exporters in Germany, China and Italy.

This year, the woodworking machinery exhibition attracted 167 domestic and foreign manufacturers, such as ende, shengyuan and French schneider electric motor.

Show schneider exhibition for the first time this year, also known as "mechanical" cloud EcoStruxureTM Machine solution, through actual showcase schneider and the vibration source and xiao cooperation experience of Taiwan will improve woodworking Machine industry transformation, enhance competitiveness, in line with international standards.

Trade association, points out that four days extension of the more than 6000 companies at home and abroad visiting, which are the top 10 big buyers in Japan, Malaysia, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, the United States, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand, according to Taiwan woodworking machinery exhibition has become a sophisticated woodworking machinery Asia procurement platform, foreign buyers said the watch bay international woodworking machinery exhibition gathering indicators manufacturers at home and abroad, exhibition of new development models and innovative technology, to attract international buyers and domestic manufacturers stop to visit and inquiry.

- source, vibration, fong kuo, Mr Shaw, boke, it is optimal, China paid, such as lung, chang ze, morning abyss, hongye, SanYu line, and many other exhibitors have contact with a lot of foreign buyers, said the reaction activity, must show benefits.

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