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Teach You How To Buy A Drilling Machine
Oct 19, 2017

Many users friends in the rudder of the hole in front of nothing at all, do not know how to buy drilling machine. In fact, as long as you know to answer the following questions, you will buy a drilling machine.

The first one you want to answer is that you buy a drill machine to do what you use. Do you buy home? Or engineering? Home is simple, usually a handheld machine. If it is engineering with the drilling machine, it is necessary to see is used to do the hardware, or carpentry, or plastic products, or cloth and so on. As long as clearly understand to the sales staff, you buy the drilling machine intended to do what the use of sales staff will explain to you and recommend you need the drilling machine.

The second question to answer is that you want to buy what price of the drilling machine. Say the simpler is that you buy the drilling machine is demanding high-end it, or the general, or low-end products. The same purpose of the drilling machine because the manufacturers are not the same, the production of different years, the brand is not the same, there will be a lot of different price. In general, a penny of goods, you need what the price of what will buy what grade products. Of course, suggest that you buy better quality of some of the products, especially the quality of the trust of the purchase of the product.

The third question is whether you intend to buy a brand name or a general no matter what brand can be. If you want to buy brand-name drilling machine, we must go to the site to browse the relevant information. Because these brand-name products generally have their own website and network marketing channels, of course, they also have their own physical store. If you do not worry, go to the store to see.

Xiaobian today with you talk about the drilling machine before the need to do nine preparatory work:

First, the various parts of the drilling machine parts are complete;

Second, the drilling machine parts of the screw is tight;

Third, the filling of oil is sufficient;

Fourth, the motor wiring, test run is normal;

Five, whether the seal plate oil leakage;

Six, drilling machine drill, drill pipe is supporting;

7, the drilling machine fasteners are intact only to confirm the equipment integrity, good when it can be put into use;

8, when the drilling machine to be bundled firmly, the road transport two cars to pull a certain distance, turn to issue a signal, inclined to transport when you want to listen to the upper and lower parking lot of the staff of the command;

9, the shipment is not allowed to enter the dirt parts to be blocked, loading and unloading vehicles to light lift, so as not to damage the equipment parts.