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The 15th Harbin International Furniture And Woodworking Machinery Exhibition Opens On The 15th.
Apr 09, 2018

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On April 3, the reporter in the Harbin city government held a news conference, hosted by the Harbin city people's government, China furniture association, special support of Harbin city of industry and information technology commission, ccpit in Harbin and Harbin city chamber of commerce and industry, furniture industry association in Harbin and Harbin city federation of industry and home decoration industry association to undertake the 15th Harbin international furniture and woodworking machinery exhibition, on April 15, 17, held in Harbin international conference and exhibition center.

The furniture exhibition area of 74000 square meters, office, annatto furniture, sofa, mattress covers, household act the role ofing is tasted, wood, raw and auxiliary materials, woodworking machinery and accessories, custom furniture, smart home 10 exhibition, more than 500 enterprises.

Will draw from the United States, Russia, the Netherlands, Pakistan, South Korea, Turkey, Finland and other countries brand furniture as well as Shanghai, Beijing, tianjin, zhejiang, jiangsu, sichuan, shandong, anhui, shanxi, shaanxi, heilongjiang, jilin, liaoning, hebei, Inner Mongolia and other well-known furniture companies all over the country to the exhibition.

Features of the exhibition:

1. Build the first exhibition of the northern opening year with brand and professional standards.

Harbin international furniture and woodworking machinery exhibition is a year in north China's first professional furniture and woodworking machinery exhibition, the year after 15 years, over the years, with the support of government in Harbin, China furniture association, the relevant government departments, ccpit, the city's committee, the municipal federation of industry and commerce under the support of specific to undertake Harbin city furniture association, Harbin city chamber of commerce, federation of industry and home decoration industry for many years has accumulated rich experience in the holding of exhibitions and many professional buyers.

It has professional, efficient execution and operation team in market positioning, brand development, channel development and leading industry development.

Due to the exhibition's branding and professionalism, the full recognition of the industry is not only fully booked this year, but most of the booths will be located next year.

No.1 as the north open years, 15 years, has become the north and in our province, the city the development trend of furniture, to create a large number of heilongjiang province, Harbin furniture brand exhibition, to the nation, towards the world.

At the same time, to attract American hardwood, Finland wood, textile brand in Turkey, the Netherlands khan steam system, the Russian timber, Estonia, wood and other international well-known brands to seek cooperation in heilongjiang province, truly fair mutual communion, all-round development.

At present, Harbin international furniture and woodworking machinery exhibition has been included in the top ten regional exhibitions of furniture industry in China, and it has also become one of the top ten exhibitions in our city.

Harbin international furniture exhibition in China and Russia's far east has become a well-known name card in Harbin.

2. Our software furniture has been developing and expanding under the guidance of the exhibition.

In our province, especially the city of soft furniture (sofa, mattress, hammock, etc.) since 2012, in the exhibition industry of furniture in our city after several years of developing software in the classification of each big furniture production station first eight years in a row.

In 2018 in Harbin and the opportunity of the development of heilongjiang software in product quality, design, services, channels, constantly improving and innovation through the exhibition soft furniture enterprises in heilongjiang province and jilin, liaoning, Inner Mongolia soft furniture enterprise, the common casting soft furniture north fort.

In recent years, with the vigorous development of Harbin soft furniture, has now formed by heilongjiang "black soft furniture", through the Harbin international furniture and woodworking machinery exhibition platform, will be black, jil, liao, Inner Mongolia region that software furniture brand within, common development.

The 15th Harbin international furniture and woodworking machinery exhibition will build the new development of the northeast software furniture industry in the first year, zhuo li create the "black school" software furniture new concept.

3. Customized furniture and smart home exhibition area will lead the future.

In recent years, as people are yearning for a better life and pursuit, the return of the era of custom furniture, intelligent technology and individual character space stick with intelligent furniture, household, the whole household, household, custom home, smart home, the change of furniture also evolved as the market demand.

The 15th Harbin international furniture exhibition, especially for want to know, want to do, want to innovation, break through the custom, intelligent household and dealers, the enterprises who provide custom furniture product exhibit and earlier in China engaged in haier group of smart home intelligent household exclusive galleries.

And set up custom furniture, smart home related knowledge information desk, to facilitate the understanding of buyers and visitors.

For many manufacturers engaged in customized home, smart home to build display products and understand the new product market feedback platform.

4. Peak BBS leads the industry trend and helps the exhibition upgrade.

Hosted by the city government, guidance of Chinese furniture association, city ministry committee, the municipal ccpit, city support, industry, and the concrete by the Harbin city furniture association, the Harbin city federation of industry and home decoration industry chamber of commerce, yabuli peak BBS host heilongjiang ice show, one of the media co., LTD. Jointly undertake the "2018 China furniture industry development peak BBS, Harbin", furniture, household enterprises at home and abroad to conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation platform, explore custom furniture, development of smart home and everybody, the relationship between industrial agglomeration and industrial chain, in building new wood processing and furniture industry cluster development direction, and so on do in-depth exchanges, to discuss the development of wood processing and furniture manufacturing industry opportunities, is leading the furniture, household industry upgrading, help create a new era of the household industry cooperation and development of furniture, household industry domestic and international top master a high-end collision

The guests at BBS were: vice President and secretary general zhang bingbing of China furniture association;

Ms. Zhang li, vice President and secretary general of China interior decoration association;

Director of the institute of market economy of the state council development center;

Mr. Bernicov * sergey pavlovich, chief executive of Russia's azov region;

Mr. Wu zhihui, professor and tutor of the school of furniture and industrial design, nanjing forestry university;

Representative of the economic department of omsk state in Russia, Mr. Molozo vladislav pavlovich, general manager of yoda furniture co., LTD.

China's overall household industry association President, of the institute for Chinese intelligent household industry xiu-hua xu ms experts and scholars gathered in the field of Chinese and foreign furniture, furniture such as Harbin, for the development of Chinese home furniture, float subsequently in the northern and the pulse, guide, refers to the direction.

5. "design exchange" display design innovation to help college students start their own business.

Design is the expression of "future wisdom".

13 years, furniture design competition in Harbin international furniture and woodworking machinery exhibition platform innovation and promotion, from simple furniture design to "sink" design, furniture design from the single plane to three-dimensional physical display, to act the role ofing is tasted household design, has now become the north furniture design innovation show important platform.

In 2018, "customized and intelligent furniture" will be incorporated into the design competition, which will provide creative materials for enterprises through the display of intelligent technology and personalized space.

This year's "furniture design competition" will cooperate with the communist party committee to create new channels for college students to start their own business through the cooperation of students' design works and production enterprises.

The 13-year-old hui "design" as docking design institutes, designers, and furniture and furniture enterprise supply and demand cooperation, college students' entrepreneurial platform, furniture, household act the role ofing is tasted, colleges and universities cooperation, soft outfit design be in harmony are an organic whole, form a comprehensive exhibition design, and furniture industry innovation and development power in the north of China.

6. Woodworking machinery and raw materials are the booster of furniture enterprise's take-off.

In 2018, Harbin international woodworking machinery, accessories, raw and auxiliary materials with Harbin international furniture exhibition exhibition held in the conference and exhibition center in the same period, raw and auxiliary materials and woodworking machinery exhibitors this year to a record, expanded 10% year-on-year.

In the general environment, the development potential of customized furniture is huge, and woodworking machinery manufacturers are also actively catering to market demands. The equipment requirements are more intelligent and the production requirements are more flexible.

At the same time to furniture production equipment to meet the furniture enterprises, personalized customized production requirements.

The woodworking machinery exhibition is a full display of the "label" of technology, intelligence, environmental protection, humanity and Chinese manufacturing.

The digitalization, informatization and intelligence of the Internet of things of woodworking machinery will help the furniture to develop in the direction of "intelligent manufacturing".

(China Daily heilongjiang bureau)