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The 3rd Wuhan Custom Home And Woodworking Machinery Exhibition 2019
Aug 10, 2018

The Latest News:

Organized by wuhan architectural decoration association, hubei provincial building materials market management association and wuhan aluminum industry association, the 3rd wuhan customized home and woodworking machinery exhibition will be held in wuhan international expo center from March 21 to 23, 2019.
"Customized home furnishing" has become the symbol of modern life. Customization, wisdom and Internet of things have created a new mode of household consumption market. The 2019 wuhan customized home furnishing and woodworking machinery exhibition will be held in the same period: the 2019 construction materials and home furnishing industry dealer performance multiplier training, the 2019 real estate full renovation and customization intelligent manufacturing industry development seminar, and the 2019 5th assembly building development and technology application seminar, etc.