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The Countdown! The 4th Wuhan International Furniture Fair And Woodworking Machinery Exhibition Will Be Unveiled On April 12.
Apr 14, 2018

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Spring breeze slowly, vientiane update!

April spring vitality, central China household industry also ushered in the first exhibitions: in 2018 the fourth international furniture exhibition, the 4th wuhan wuhan international exhibition of woodworking machinery and raw and auxiliary materials in the April 12-14 opens in wuhan international exhibition center.

The 4th wuhan international furniture fair in 2018.

Date: April 12 - April 14, 2018.

The pavilion: A1 - A3


The exhibition, in addition to the traditional furniture, home and around the show, the 4th wuhan international exhibition of woodworking machinery and raw and auxiliary materials and lunjiao woodworking machinery chamber of commerce, guangdong shunde exhibition zhongfu company combining the promotion of new technology, new equipment, new technology, promote the central furniture enterprises development in environmental protection, custom, intelligent direction.

The most earthed exhibition in the middle.

The fourth wuhan international furniture exhibition strives to create "the first public brand exhibition", so that the public can approach the brand and let the brand enter the public.

In the exhibition industry, focus on the brand advantage to form its own style and more in line with the market appetite.

The furniture that this furniture exhibits, economic practicability makes up 80%.

Royal tea home, love, she thought, taihe, green Pacific, high product, tianyi, xin, xin park, ten color large wind turbines, najafi ni, the treasure, HaoGeXuan, imperial court list, amaki sunshine, stu jager, Europe allusion, jin xuan, mingshi, han furniture production companies such as the source of abundant exhibition.

Immortality emperor flourishing, 翝 embellish, Fang Ren, hui tiger, huaqiang, ZhiQi, noble family source, xin fang, rich wood luck, shun cheong, beautiful spring, tienhsiang huarui, the sun, and the United States, clouds xuan, phthalates, cunning, Pan Feng, costus park, century end stand out from the jiangxi bamboo-shack furniture such as pavilion up to more than 100 brands, became the largest pavilion, cost-effective advantage of thousands of solid wood furniture will be heavily influence new middle end market.

There are a lot of hot style products for local citizens, welcome to buy.

In addition, chengdu prosperous furniture, XiangYu furniture, Ming xin aokang furniture, Alice furniture, cedar lili home furniture, furniture such as chengdu lido bell pavilion again to return to wuhan, in guangdong is a furniture enterprise advantage no longer obvious at present, the central furniture fair upcoming brand.





The picture above is of past events.

Furniture logistics in the history of the exhibition.

Through the logistics business, accurate docking furniture manufacturer and distributor of pattern, is the wuhan international furniture exhibition and the original pattern of woodworking machinery exhibition, and last year the trial is successful, a small scale in multiple industry base copy this year, nine bay network science and technology, Jiang Xihao rui logistics, guangdong, shandong, hunan union world logistics dragon world logistics, Wu Hanxiang Mimi how to embellish the depth of cooperation such as logistics, become the important co-sponsors of this exhibition.

Through the furniture logistics business, the integration of resources, the precise matching of the central furniture industry B2B, the central professional furniture exhibition of the growth of the significance of the milestone.




Woodworking machinery is no longer a supporting role.

Different from previous sessions, the fourth wuhan international woodworking machinery and raw materials exhibition has been upgraded, and the exhibition has been joined with the exhibition of the woodworking machinery chamber of commerce, guangdong shunde zhong fu ying exhibition.

The scale of the exhibition is 10000 square meters, promoting new technology, new equipment and new technology, leading the central furniture enterprises to develop towards environmental protection, customization and intelligence.

South xing, martensite, first, splendor, ideal, such as the east famous woodworking machinery enterprises to come to the exhibition, providing professional panel furniture production lines, the flexible production line, intelligent custom furniture production and a series of solutions, carving machine, edge banding machine, ornamental engraving and milling machine, intelligent processing center, intelligent equipment and technology such as single design software.

In addition, there are chengdu fengke, one hundred cutting tools and other parts enterprises bring quality furniture accessories.



As the most earthing exhibition in central China, it caters to the rising national strategy of central China, caters to the industrial trend of the shift of the central furniture industry, and promotes the rapid development of the central furniture industry.

The furniture production enterprises and woodworking machinery enterprises will launch a number of preferential activities, welcome to visit and choose.

The key area

Finished furniture, fine furniture -- A1 pavilion.

Custom home - A1 pavilion.

Nankang pavilion -- A2 pavilion.

Chengdu pavilion -- A2 pavilion.

Woodworking machinery, raw materials -- A3 pavilion.


Sales promotion activity

Hundreds of manufacturers base price direct sale.

On the spot "keep down the house" activity, the voucher is full.

Sign a courtesy, luxurious sofa, yunnan six day five night double fly to wait for you.