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The General And Main Problems Of The Woodworking Mechanical Log Table Sawing Industry.
Mar 30, 2018

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The general and main problems of the woodworking mechanical log table sawing industry.

Source: network release time: 2018-3-29 16:58.

The general and main problems of the woodworking mechanical log table sawing industry.


CNC push Taiwan saw log is the domestic first use of linear circular guide and ball bearing steel structure to make sure that the products meet high quality and high processing design, solve the problem of the guide rail degumming, long-term use can always maintain good accuracy.

The mobile worktable is designed with streamlined overall design and is oxidized by surface. The high strength extruded aluminum alloy is made with high strength and no deformation.

. Rotary table saw imported rotary main parts, low temperature rise, low noise, low vibration.

Convenient and practical.

The fuselage, fixed table and mobile platform are treated with aging to guarantee the high accuracy of long-term stability.

The design of the reasonable and exquisite internal transmission mechanism of the round wood push table saw the user operation easier and more labor-saving.


This series of products is my company on the basis of the original equipment new patent design and development of new products, high quality, new appearance, saw blades cutting design, high stability, safety, high efficiency, simple operation and maintenance.

With large diameter scraper blade alloy saw blade, upper and lower blades and four sawblade sawing road small faster up and down, suitable for old and new hard miscellaneous wood wood logs (log) for all kinds of trees, etc., can be saw natural width, all open pills;

It is desirable.

Benefit is the band saw more than 4 times, strong security, specifications can be adjusted, can be processing logs saws will not be able to process the big diameter timber, and a smooth processing of the products, standards, do not need after a planer and other equipment

Secondary processing, and use pneumatic device clamping wood, safe and reliable.


When using CNC automatic log push Taiwan saw, we must understand its operation skills. If you don't have the correct use of automatic log push Taiwan saw will fail, summarize the below small make up to help friends CNC automatic log push Taiwan saw frequently, the problems and the corresponding maintenance method.

, logs to push Taiwan saw in power, the indicator is on above. If the indicator, but the machine still does not work, that means that there is a problem, not power is the main line not connected well. Appear this kind of question you need to stop button and the main line of control, power supply for repair. The second point, push Taiwan saw in use at ordinary times, cut out the board thickness is not same, should pay attention to the friends, may be the height of the blade is different, this case need to look at the knife drawing, then adjust the height of the knife, as debugging. Feed hanging wheel and blade is always a possibility, not unified, and it need to adjust their position. Third, encountered the back switch when the machine is running, but the knife still in operation, found that the phenomenon of the operator will need to check the circuit, did see the blade control circuit and switch circuit.