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The Operation Of The Drilling Machine Should Be Carried Out According To The Procedure
Oct 30, 2017

In order to maximize the utilization of machinery and equipment to promote the work efficiency, in the operation of the equipment must be carried out in accordance with the process. The drilling machine should be fully prepared before starting. First of all to check the various parts of the drilling machine is complete, the thread is not loose. If the lack of spare parts will immediately fill, if the loosening of the screws will soon be tightened with tools. Check whether the lubricating oil to meet the required location, if not enough, it is necessary to refuel to the designated bit.

Try to control whether the button is flexible and reliable, check the drill bit has no damage, see the stent has not broken the phenomenon to see if the spray facilities are in place. These checks are done before each boot. On the one hand is for the safety of equipment, on the other hand is for the safety of workers. Think about it, if the drill is not tight, start high-speed operation, the drill off, may hit people causing injury, may hit the machine, causing damage to the machine.

Start the machine to run for 2 minutes. Listen to whether there is any noise or noise in the drilling machine. When drilling with low speed slowly drilling. And then can be in the absence of problems in the case of normal high-speed operation. Do not let the machine stand next to the machine, on the one hand they will affect the operation, block the line of sight, on the other hand some splash of debris may cause harm to the staff. So you can not let non-staff to play next to or watch, especially curious children.

When the equipment is shut down, the drill rods, drill bits, and drilling racks are removed. And placed neatly homing. Work area clean, do not affect people walking and environmental hygiene. Especially the oil on the drilling machine above the dust and dust to clean up.