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The Second Linyi Full House Customized Exhibition & Woodworking Machinery Exhibition Grand Opening.
May 03, 2018

The Latest News: http://www.forestry.gov.cn/portal/xdly/s/5188/content-1097381.html

At 9:00 a.m. on April 20, the second China (linyi) full house customized exhibition, the same time woodworking equipment exhibition in linyi international convention and exhibition center grand opening!

The leaders of the domestic foreign business association, the President of the provincial and municipal business associations and the well-known people in the industry witnessed the exciting moment.

The second China (linyi) whole house custom high-quality goods exhibition session since April 20 to 22, end of a three-day, exhibition area of more than 50000 square meters, a total of 1856 international standard booths, 361 exhibitors and invite professional buyers of more than 20000 people.

Exhibition mainly covers the whole house custom, custom furniture, furniture, machinery and spare parts, raw and auxiliary materials, etc., and through various publicity and promotion, deep excavation accumulated more than sixty thousand professional buyers information both at home and abroad, more than thirty thousand national furniture production enterprise information, from shandong, jiangsu, henan, hebei, shanxi, anhui and other provinces invite professional buyers delegation of more than 3000 people, and sent more than 60 coach rolled for transportation, more than in the industry mainstream network media as well as radio, TV channels, newspapers, magazines and other publicity, the 300000 visiting tickets directly to the professional audience in a number of ways, and one-to-one notifications,

Strive for balance of supply and demand.

During the exhibition, the China national forest products industry association was also held, and the Chinese cabinet/customized home furnishings, which was organized by China national forest products industry association, developed BBS.

China real estate industry association, China timber and wood products circulation association to host the real estate full house customization peak BBS and other activities.

This exhibition with "new starting point, a new cross, new height, a new concept" as the theme, to build "the north's most influential whole house custom communication platform" for the purpose, promote the transformation and upgrading of wood industry, speed up the old and the new kinetic energy transformation, promote exchange and cooperation between industry, seize the opportunity, for the development, with the exhibition platform to build supply and demand, whole house custom market active, let the exhibitors and buyers and achieve a win-win situation, to win more market operation effect.