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The Solution To The Sealing Quality Of Edge Banding Machines
Jul 03, 2017

Automatic Edge Banding Machines can be transported by forklift by the bottom of the fuselage. With two rods respectively through the fuselage under the two sides of the hole, the machine can be used to hoist the rope through two rods for lifting. In the handling process, we should pay attention to the balance of the weight of the whole machine, should pay attention to protect the appearance of paint, such as the need to store machines, please put the machine in the greenhouse, dry environment, and the plastic bag to cover it.

Factors affecting the quality of Edge Banding Machines Many such as the closure of the work is interrupted, interference with the time measurement has affected the reliability of the work of the application. There are several ways to improve the efficiency and quality of the job rate:

1, if the local Edge Banding Machines can not be firmly bonded with the edge of the plate to be coated to repair;

2, when necessary, will be torn off the edge strips, sawed off or milling off the edge;

3, when found on the plate with rust, in time to wipe the machine oil rust;

4, often maintain the Edge Banding Machines equipment, especially the gluing device of Edge Banding Machines;

5, process flow and the cooperation between the processes (such as the first hole in the plate or the door bar into groups, etc.), to clearly understand the poor coordination will also have adverse effects;

6, the performance of the Edge Banding Machines (such as track speed), the position of the workpiece placement and height, the worker's work speed and the judgment processing ability to the fault, the worker's work cooperation and so on will affect the normal use of the Edge Banding Machines, so the worker should carry on the necessary training before induction, such as to minimize the interruption in the work of the impact of work hours, please use skilled workers to operate.

The above six points details the solution to the sealing edge quality of the edge banding machine.