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The Indian woodworking machinery exhibition will fully display the latest woodworking machinery and related advanced technology.
Mar 20, 2018

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ITo show webex, an annual one of India's woodworking machinery exhibition will be held during the period from 2018-08-04 to 2018-08-04, the international exhibition organizer is Berlin exhibition company, new Delhi anmol madan convention and exhibition center exhibition venue.It is expected to attract 15,000 professional audiences and about 150 exhibitors.


Since India joined the WTO in the early 1990s, the woodworking machinery industry has enjoyed rapid development thanks to easy import controls.It has also contributed to the large-scale production development of the Indian timber industry and the Chinese woodworking machinery in the whole industry, which has obvious competitive advantages in the Indian market.In addition, because of the relationship of religious belief, the Indian people do not like European furniture, they have a special preference for Chinese furniture.Update of technology.


India woodworking machinery exhibition in 2018 exhibition range mainly include wood sawing machinery and equipment, lathes woodworking tools, woodworking machinery, sheet molding equipment and accessories, wood processing and surface treatment equipment, furniture packaging machinery, etc.


India woodworking machinery exhibition is a focus in the wood and woodworking machinery industry, wood products, hardware tools and metal materials industry professional exhibition, gathering wood, woodworking machinery and hardware industry manufacturers, importers, traders, distributors, resellers, and final consumers.At that time, we will fully display the latest woodworking machinery products, wood products, hardware tools materials and related advanced technologies.