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What Is The Working Rule Of Woodworking Cold Press?
Oct 30, 2017

Woodworking Cold Press Work rules: To ensure the safety of the operator's personal, equipment and company materials, in order to standardize the operation procedures, improve operational efficiency and reduce the operating costs of equipment, we must develop detailed procedures to avoid safety accidents and losses.

Follow the general safety standard for equipment, the equipment must be connected to the ground. On the machine operator, must first accept the company or workshop organization specialized training, understand the equipment safety performance and precautions, familiar with the equipment "safe operation procedure". After passing the examination, only allow the induction operation. The carpentry press operator must have to buckle the buttons of the clothes and tie the cuffs, keep the hair long and have to put the hair up and tie. Woodworking Cold Press operation, not wearing yarn gloves.

Before starting, check the equipment power lines are safe, if the wire broken skin exposed, immediately reported after the maintenance and then power operation. Woodworking cold press emergency stop cable device must be in good condition. Industrial glues sometimes have a slightly irritating odor and must be kept in a well-ventilated area.

Drying of Woodworking Cold Press should be carried out in the following order: Check the power lines and equipment Other hardware - Adjust the spacing of the above two rollers - Install the seal plate - Pour glue - Turn on the power. Woodworking cold press in the course of operation, the rubber roller is indispensable glue, it is estimated that the downtime in 30 minutes or more, the need to promptly remove the wood to remove the remaining glue in the Woodworking Cold Press. There are thin film wound on the roller to be removed, you should first stop, and then cutting the blade. Cutting, pay attention to the knife edge to the knife with a knife back to the knife, so as not to cut the rubber roller.

Operation lifting equipment, pay attention to control the maximum height of equipment can be increased. Before get off work, the lift must be restored to the same height as the ground.

Special attention: not allowed in the equipment on the scribble scribble, are not allowed to pen, ruler, blade, roller brush and other items temporarily placed on the equipment, are not allowed to drill on the equipment or welding items, not allowed on the equipment fixed nails , Are not allowed to hand or other tools in the running of the roller directly to capture debris or get glue. Clear debris on the roller must be shut down.

In addition: before get off work, the equipment must be cleaned up, the key parts of the equipment shall not be residual glue. Clean the glue must be shut down after the operation. Cleaning roller, need to use cotton cloth, can not use strong corrosion agent cleaning roller.