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Woodworking Machine Dangers
May 09, 2018

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Woodworkers are required to operate dangerous machinery every day as part of their jobs. Sharp saws and other moving equipment with blades are necessary to perform this specialized work, and the risk of injury is always present. Hazards include loose clothing, hair, or jewelry, all of which may become entangled in moving machinery parts. Other hazards include flying debris, which can strike workers in the face, and sawdust that could cause slip and falls in the work area.

Woodworkers commonly suffer work injuries such as:

Lacerations and cuts
Eye injuries, including loss of sight
Occupational hearing loss
Reducing Risks
Fortunately, there are many steps employers can take to minimize the risk of injury for woodworkers, including:

Properly training all employees who will be working with woodworking machinery

Properly training all employees who will be working with woodworking machinery
Providing personal protective equipment such as eye goggles or safety glasses, face guards, hearing protection, protective footwear, and gloves
Properly maintaining woodworking equipment so that blades remain clean and sharp with minimal vibration
Making sure all equipment has safety devices including guards and protection for start buttons to avoid accidental starts
Implementing rules and procedures to ensure no workers are wearing loose clothing, jewelry, and that long hair is tied back

Using good housekeeping practices to maintain a clean and clutter free workplace
In addition to these safety procedures, workers should also:

Wear gloves to protect their hands, except for when near rotating blades and other moving machinery which can catch on gloves
Never leave machines running unattended
Always use safety guards for machinery, and inspect and adjust them as necessary before each use
Turn machines off to clean them
Injuries and Workers’ Compensation
Woodworking injuries can be serious and require extensive medical treatment and care. Workers’ Compensation can provide benefits to those recovering from injuries suffered in a work accident. It is recommended that you contact a knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation lawyer for help filing a claim, so that you do not miss important deadlines that could jeopardize your case. A successful Workers’ Compensation claim may include some or all of the following benefits:

Medical care – all necessary medical treatment and hospitalization services including prescriptions, supplies, and orthopedic appliances and prostheses
Wage loss benefits – whether you are partially disabled and receiving less pay than before your accident, or totally disabled and unable to work
Permanent impairment benefits – for loss of the use of an arm, hand, finger, leg, foot, toe, eye, or ear
Disfigurement benefits – these benefits are for any scar, burn, or amputation related to the work accident
Death benefits are available to dependents of a worker who does not survive a work accident. Funeral costs of up to $3,500 are covered.
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